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Accounting Firm in UAE

Parker Randall UAE is an Accounting firm that provides Book-keeping and Accounting services to many companies in the UAE.

The success of a business depends on Accounting. Therefore, A competent professional accountant in a business is an invaluable asset to the company. That is to say, Join with us and get services from highly qualified experienced accountants from our Accounting firm.


What do we do?

Our professionally qualified and experienced accountants will maintain your accounts up to date and provide necessary accounting reports and information on your request. Therefore, This will make your mind at peace in relation to the accounting works.


Our Team

We have highly qualified accountants who are Chartered Accountants, Chartered Certified Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, or their professional equivalents. Above all, They are well trained by Parker Randall UAE and have vast industry experience in the UAE.

What are the reports normally we will give you?

(1) Balance Sheet

(2) Income Statement

(3) Cash Flow Statement

(4) Trial Balance

(5) Cash & Bank Book

(6) Bank Reconciliation Statement

(7) Accounts Receivable Report

(8) Accounts Payable Report

(9) Other ledgers as per the request of client

Benefits of outsourcing Accounting functions with Parker Randall UAE

(1) Without hiring a full time or part-time accountant, get professional accounting services from our professional accounting experts.

(2) Minimize your expenses by eliminating your personnel cost such as salary, allowances, and recruitment expenses by outsourcing your accounts with us.

(3) Minimize your administrative expenses related to accounts such as rent, printing & stationery, and equipment maintenance by outsourcing with us.

(4) Above all, Focus on your management matters and allocate more time for management by outsourcing your accounting tasks with us.

The methodology of Accounting Outsourcing Process

Please visit the page “In-House Accounting” to know the process of Accounting Outsourcing by us through our office.

Please visit the page “Part-time Accounting & Book-keeping Services” to know the process of Accounting Outsourcing by us at your office.

Our Accounting Services

We provide following services in relation to Accounting services. Please visit each pages for more details.

Our professionally qualified experienced accountants will handle all your accounting and bookkeeping works “in-house” (in our office) and whenever you require we will provide you necessary reports and advices.

Our professionally qualified experienced accountants will come to your premises and handle all your accounting and bookkeeping works in your office. We will make daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly visits as your need. As a result, We will provide you all necessary reports and advices as management’s requirements.

Our professional accountants will design and implement accounting plans or procedures to suit your business needs. For instance, Our accounts designing and implementation services
(1) Preparation of Financial procedure manual.
(2) Preparation of new accounting module.
(3) Preparation of chart of accounts.
(4) Advisory services for better internal control systems.

Our professional trainers will help you to install and implement various notable accounting software and programs. Further, they will provide you training on that software. For instance, Training will be given on the followings:
1. Peachtree Accounting Software
2. Quickbooks Accounting Software
3. Microsoft Excel
4. Odoo Accounting Software

Why Parker Randall?

SPEAK TO OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE; Abu Dhabi: +971 2 6452666 OR Dubai: +971 4 295 9958 OR

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