Internal Audit in UAE

Parker Randall UAE offers internal audit and management audit services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all over the UAE.

We provide internal audit services to our  UAE clients to assess their business risk and controls and to improve the business process and performance.

When conducting an internal audit, we offer a comprehensive review of the entity’s policies and procedures and test compliance with internal and external requirements; share best practice recommendations, cost-saving tips, risk mitigation tips, and suggest additional revenue streams you may not be taking advantage of within your industry.


Our internal audit team

We have a qualified and experienced internal audit team. Most of our internal auditors are bilingual in English and Arabic. They have performed various audits in different sectors. Their experience and professional knowledge will help our client to improve their businesses. We present our reports in both English and Arabic languages.


Our Internal audit stages














Our Internal audit services

1. Compliance with the entity’s policies and procedures

2. Efficiency of performance and operations

3. Deterring and investigating fraud

4. Safeguarding the assets

5. All other services which bring benefits for the client


Why Parker Randall?

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