Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

Is your payroll function ineffective? Has your payroll become a hassle? Pass your hassle to us. Our payroll experts will handle your payroll expeditiously and cost effectively.

Parker Randall UAE is one of the leading payroll outsourcing companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah with professional payroll accountants, provides payroll outsourcing and processing services to small, medium and large companies in the UAE.

What we do?

Outsource your company’s payroll services with us and save your time and money. Our payroll experts will handle all your company’s payroll work expeditiously and cost effectively.

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Benefits of outsourcing payroll with Parker Randall UAE

(1) Without hiring a Payroll Accountant, get the professional payroll services from our professional accounting experts.

(2) Minimize your expenses by eliminating your personnel cost such as salary, allowances and recruitment expenses by outsource your accounts with us.

(3) Minimize your administrative expenses related with accounts such as rent, printing & stationary and equipment maintenance by outsource with us.

(4) Eliminate the unnecessary delays in payroll computations and preparation.

(5) Avoid serious errors and mistakes in payroll computation by obtaining services from professional payroll experts.

Our Team

We have a qualified and experienced team of payroll accountants who have hands on experience in the calculation and preparation of payroll in compliance with the requirements of related UAE laws.

Our Payroll Software

We use efficient payroll software which was specifically designed for the requirements of UAE companies such as employees’ end of service benefits calculation, etc.


(1) Initial payroll set-up and creating master files for each employees with employee’s name, grade, salary and other benefits and bank accounts details, etc.

(2) Maintaining & updating of employees personal files.

(3) Calculation of monthly payroll based on the input data provided by the company.

(4) Preparing the Payroll Register and delivering to company.

(5) Preparing Pay Slips for each employee.

(6) Transferring salary to the bank.

(7) Computing and preparing Leave salary and Gratuity according to UAE laws.

(8) Preparation of any reports or letters related with payroll function. (E.g. Salary certificate)

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