Parker Randall International

Parker Randall International

Parker Randall International (PRI) is a UK based worldwide organization of independent professional firms and businesses, legal, management, and IT advisers, represented in more than 50 countries by more than 100 offices and 2000 qualified staffs of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Certified Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, or their professional equivalents.

PRI was founded for the purpose of providing members and their clients with the capability of furnishing a broad spectrum of accounting, auditing, and management services on an efficient and cost-effective basis around the globe.

PRI’s offices are typically full service regional, public accounting, and management consulting firms. They are rapidly growing professional services firms with multiple offices in major metropolitan areas worldwide.

PRI provides its independent members with the strength and capabilities of a large, worldwide organization with diverse technical skills and geographic representation not possible for a local firm alone. Members exchange technical advice and assistance in every service performed by the profession.

PRI members are selected based on exacting requirements for size, reputation, quality of practice, diverse technical capabilities and geographic location. These requirements must be met not only to gain admission but also to retain membership. Periodic inspections assure that members continue to meet membership requirements.

Network of Parker Randall

Parker Randall independent member firms are successfully operated in 53 countries by more than 100 offices and over 2000 qualified auditors, accountants and advisers.

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